Real All The Time

Hey guys whats up this is Logic! I just really wanted to thank you for all your support! This mixtape is gonna be great and i cant wait for you to hear it. Its all business from this end, making the right moves, calling the right shots to reach as many people as possible when we release the tape so i promise!!!!! its coming soooooon. Me and The Ratt Pack have been putting in countless hours from videos, Production, traveling, writing, recording and so many other aspects of the business to bring you guys TOP PRODUCT! Let me just say on a personal level that im setting goals not only as a young man, but as a musician and HITTING those goals! creating music im so happy with! Sometimes we as artists hear another’s music and deep down will think DAMN! why didn’t I make something like this! And I guess what im trying to say is, after listening to not only “Young Sinatra” in its entirety but cutt’s from the next tape as well I think to myself… damn there’s gonna be alot of jealous rappers out there!!! haha no but really you guys I Love You with all my heart and am so thankful that you want to hear my story. GRVTY, BIG LENBO, DJ Boss Player, The Official, everyone at Visionary Music Group and Myself are truly working DAY AND NIGHT! to bring you the best possible product to date. My sleeping schedule is terrible and I love it! because I’m living my dream. so once again thank you and get ready for some Music i truly believe your going to love!!!


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  1. @logic301 gets bumped in the bay area!

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