Young Sinatra Postponed Due to incompletion

Dear Listeners

In this industry, things work certain ways. I once again have to postpone the project due to incompletion. at the end of the day I cant put out a project that is not finished. Have full confidence in me that im going to come out strong. There is no set date for release as of now but it should not be extensive.

Thank you for your time and support.

3 Responses to “Young Sinatra Postponed Due to incompletion”

  1. How soon is Young Sinatra coming out bro? Can’t wait for it! Haha

  2. I need this shit to come out SOON!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ay man, do what needs to be done. When it comes out we all gonna be hype. And keep reppin that MD! Hopefully I’ll be able to join you with that in the future. If I can get my company going soon lol. Stay good, can’t wait to hear it’s released.

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