Young Sinatra Postponed

Dearest Fans,
The mixtape will not be released on the 17th for marketing purposes.
now before you grow upset I want to explain in depth why this is beneficial..
first things first the new date for the mixtape is now Thursday june 23rd, 2011
the reason I am releasing the tape on this date is because a very VERY big hip hop website is going to host the tape. now understand I love you all very much, but as of right now I only have a few thousand fans. this website will Feature my mixtape on their main page which will receive Hundreds of Thousands of views and ultimately guarantee greater exposure. so understand this is for the bigger picture. now since this has accrued. I am going to let you guys in on something. I have two songs im going to release before the mixtape drops to hold you over. and one of the songs will have a really BIG feature which I wasn’t planning to release before the tape but will release on the 17th!
now this project is my LIFE! during this project I have gone through so much! and the act of releasing such information is selfless! its all for you and I cant wait! so please trust my judgment and know that I promise this project will leave you more than satisfied and that the 3rd project already has about 7 songs that I cant wait for you to hear!

I work every minute of everyday just for you! so just wait a few more days and I promise you will love it! thank you for enjoying my music! and listening to my story…


8 Responses to “Young Sinatra Postponed”

  1. Billy Wheeler Says:

    Good shit man. Smart thinking. Forreal .

  2. ohkie dokie. i’ll take that explanation. 🙂

  3. bobby rager Says:

    YO logic I see the point of it hell as a fan we all want to see you make it ! thanks for the update I shore wont be mad 🙂 we all know its worth the wait esp if you make it bigger then what we as a fan see you as hommie thanks for the great music & I know there is way more to come

  4. Christian Says:

    Yo dog, do your thing! We can wait one more week!

  5. Yo on that website they release a little bit more about your next single than you did, just in case you wanted to know.

    “including a Big K.R.I.T. assisted single, ahead of the release of his Young Sinatra album, dropping June 23 via DJBooth”

    So yeah, a Big K.R.I.T assisted single, no less.

    This is all good info, props on having a website want to release your album, that’s a huge step in the right direction.

  6. You’re making a smart move baby! It’s important to always be LOGICal about your bizness. True fans will be patient as you make the best decisions to grow your brand.

    love and hugs until next time-

  7. I was about to be mad as hell lls…jk…..def worth the wait, keep up the good work ❤

  8. YOOOOO!!!!! YUr NAme Was LONger B-4…HAHHA LOGIC!!! YOU grew Up!! THis Is TOny TOne,,,,RAven…..FLYBURG!!! 124 LUv…I know you like WHO??!!! BUt we met a DAy’s house!! U was younger “I was LIke kick a Fast RAp…YOU killed IT…And You are a Professer-nal MIC MUrderer out of MD…no more Deer park…G-BURG huh!! GOOd 4 You. and Yea you are a YOung Sinatra i peek The 20877 zip on the Mug shot..HOTTT shit my Dude…Check Me FlyBURGwtf YOU tube!!! THe MOOn and Beyond!!!peace ..tony..Proud of You…oh coming to yur show in Va soon!! out

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