The Origin of Stewie Griffin

The Video for “Stewie Griffin” is a metaphor explaining how ive put my everything into music, being patient and waiting, but that i just need to take action. the character portrayed as “the Kidnapped” (inspired by Quentin Tarrantino’s film resivior Dogs) is meant to Represent the Hip Hop game today, or rather Hip Hops corporate side, not giving Musicians what they deserve, the first line in the song is actually what inspired not only the video and theme of the song but the sample in the beginning as well. “I’m Stewie Griffin and this game is Brian, beatin’ the hell out of him trying, to get this Money” im a fan of good Music, and a Fan of FILM. everything today is so over saturated and taken out of context, i hope you enjoyed the video and understood its Message! thanks for being the greatest fans in the world….

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